20 January 2008

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Review by Johannes Rubner

A Mendelssohn Evening with Amir Katz in the Gasteig

26 November 2007

WAZ, Unna, Review by Martina Lode-Gerke

Sparkling Runs and Symphonic Fullness of Sound

26 November 2007

Hellweger Anzeiger, Unna, Review by Rainer Ehmanns

Feeling for Harmony
Pianist Amir Katz Gave a Breathtaking Master Concert Yesterday Evening

19 November 2007

Donaukurier, Review by Jesko Schulze-Reimpell

Between a Hellish Trip and Light Melancholy

15 November 2007

Westfälische Rundschau, Gevelsberg, Review by Dagmar Zschiesche

Third Master Concert Left No Wish Unfulfilled
Amir Katz Awes

13 November 2007

Westfalenpost, Gevelsberg, Review by Christoph Clören

Virtuosically Inclined Romantic
Amir Katz Inspired with Mozart and Chopin in the
Master’s Concert of the Konzertgesellschaft (Concert Society)

27 September 2007

Westfalenpost, Kreis Olpe, Review by Tobias Stahl

Mozart Interpreted with Great Feeling
Standing Ovation for Munich Pianist Amir Katz

26 September 2007

Ruhrnachrichten, Review by Prof. Werner Kämmerling

Songs Without Words – A Gamble?
Amir Katz Solves This Problem with Bravura